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From the desk of: Gilbert Nnaji

Time; 8:30 am

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the final series of the Fertility Detox plan newsletter. If you have been following very
closely, you should be able to tell what toxins are and how to identify the products associated with

If not, go back to the previous series, here are the links below:

Part 1: The Mother of ALL infertility Issues

Part 2: List of Reproductive Toxins

Now, let's go on with today's topic: Complications of Reproductive Toxins and why to do:

Due to the over-abundance of chemical toxins in our environment today, emanating from poor food choices, body care products, industrial fumes etc. There's a very great necessity to flush out these harmful
substances and cleanse your body before actively preparing to conceive.


Complications of Toxins:

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Uterine Fibroids

  • Endometriosis

  • Ovarian Cyst

  • Early Miscarriage

  • Low sperm count

  • Lack of ovulation issues

  • Hyperprolactinemia (breastmilk discharge)

Health Benefits of Fertility Detox/Cleansing:

Benefit #1:
Liver Detox;

The liver as a vital organ for elimination of harmful substances requires support for binding and
removing toxic agents from the body, and also to remove excess exogenous hormones/estrogen
responsible for creating hormonal imbalances.

Benefit 2#:
Womb detox:

Every month your uterus release its lining as menstruation in the absence of conception, some of the
contents of menstrual blood flow however are not able to flow out due to issues like poor blood circulation, unhealthy diet and hormonal; imbalance. Through the help of fertility detox/cleansing these problems are resolved once and for all.

Other Benefits of Fertility Detox:

Benefits #3:
- Removes free radicals from the reproductive system responsible for reduced fertility

Benefits #4:
- Cleanse toxins responsible for poor sperm health

Benefits #5:
- Improves the female ovarian health

Benefits #6:
- Flushes out toxic chemicals from preservatives responsible for diet-related infertility issues like
PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

Benefits #7:
- A great way to prepare for a healthy pregnancy

Benefits #8:
- A healthy way to optimize your reproductive organs for fertility


The Ultimate Fertility Detox Program:

The ultimate fertility detox program is a comprehensive, step-by-step natural ways you can use to
flush out reproductive toxins from your system, responsible for infertility issues, and be set for a healthy

Inside this program, you will learn:

1. How to flush out toxins from your womb for a healthy conception

2. Fertility cleanse for sperm leakages

3. Fertility cleanse for removing excess hormones due to hormonal imbalance

4. Fertility cleanse for high prolactin (breast milk discharge)

5. Fertility cleanse for low sperm count

6. Fertility cleanse for miscarriage

7. With more than 25 fertility friendly foods and recipes

You should not miss this course if you are serious about overcoming your infertility issues.
Fertility Detoxification is one of the secrets i have used to treat my patients and gotten the
amazing testimonials i shared with you if you have been a regular reader of my fertility newsletters.

The ultimate fertility Detox course will be available publicly on: Friday 21th, April, 2017


Before writing this newsletter, i received some questions, and i am going to answer them, one by one.

Question #1: How do i remove (flush out) fertility toxins?

Answer: Inside the Ultimate Fertility Detox course, there are more than 6 natural detox approaches
you will learn to flush out infertility toxins hindering conception.

Question #2: In what format does the program come in?

Answer: The ultimate Fertility Detox comes in a PDF format, with instructive email delivered straight
into your inbox 3 times per week for 21 days. You study it using your mobile device or computer, its
simple and stress free.

Question #3: How much would be the course?

Answer: The Ultimate Fertility Detox is actually not cheap, due to the quality of the course and how
much invested into it, however, it will be made very affordable for a few serious individuals that truly want this transformation.

The Ultimate Fertility Detox course will be priced at N20,000.

However, it will be available at N12,000 the first week of launch.

Here's how it going to be priced the first 2 weeks of marketing starting from the launch date.

Launch Week: Friday 21th April, 2017 - Friday 28th April 2017 = N12,000 (N8,000 discount)

2nd Week of Launch: Month 1 May 2017 - Friday 5th May 2017 = N15,000 (N5000 discount)

3rd Week of Launch: Monday 8th May 2017 - 12th Friday 2017 =N20.000 (No more discount)

The amount you will be paying to acquire this information is a token compared to the transformation
you will experience!

Mark your Calendar to notify you on Friday 21th, Friday, 2017

Look out for your inbox. Once you see my email go for it and purchase your Ultimate Fertility Detox
course and begin at once.

See you on the launch day,

Dr. Gilbert Nnaji

Your Fertility & Reproductive Wellness Expert