The Ultimate Fertility Detox Course

A 30-Day eCourse on Eight (8) Safe & Natural Remedies for Flushing Out Toxins Responsible for Infertility Issues in Couples Trying to Conceive


According to World Health Organization: toxins are responsible for fertility problems; lack of conception and other health issues plaguing the world today.

In the course, you'll get 8 effective natural remedies to accomplish the following:

  • Detox Remedy to overcome Sperm Outpour and Leakages.

  • Fertility Detox to cleanse the liver from to toxins and excess hormone leading to hormonal imbalance

  • Fertility Cleanse remedy for overcoming High Prolactin a.k.a breast milk discharge.

  • Fertility Detox therapy for overcome Low Sperm Count and other Poor Sperm Health Issues.

  • Fertility Detox remedy for overcoming Early Miscarriages.

  • Fertility Detox remedy for cleansing the womb of stagnant blood and preparing for a healthy conception

  • And with more than 25 fertility foods and recipes.



Official price: N25,000 only

But pay N10,000 only for a limited time  until 15 March, 2017


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Gilbert Nnaji



Dr. Gilbert Nnaji

Medical Doctor and Fertility Expert (UK)