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  • Are you going through a very difficult period in your home of not having your own fruit of the womb? 
  • Are you anxious and depressed because you haven't given your husband a child "YET"?
  • Are you over the age of 35 and not yet able to conceive?

See, nobody was born infertile. The reason you probably have been struggling up till to conceive and shame your critics is because nobody is telling you the truth.

Perhaps you have seen even the best Gynaecologists in your city or even flown abroad for a multiple IVF treatments, still nothing to show for it and you are so stressed and asking a lot of strange questions.

May i ask you to hold on until i share a secret therapy and solution that i am absolutely sure you have not heard from your doctors,  especially as it concern your fertility and conception.

A Shocking Story How I Helped Juliet

With 11 Years Infertility To Conceive Naturally...

I had met Juliet (surname withheld) a 37-year old secondary fashion designer from Delta State one year ago, who was introduced to me by a Nurse Joy with infertility issue i helped in one hospital that i was worked as a medical officer.

On the day Juliet consulted me in the office, she totally poured to me how much frustration she has been having over the past 10 years... the dehumanizing treatments from by her husband's family and why have still haven't hear the cry of a baby in their home.

The continuous threat by her mother in-law to bring another woman for her husband is she doesn't conceive, putting all the responsibility of childbirth in her hands.

Juliet even confessed to me that she stopped attending party invitations and age-group gatherings, and has been praying ceaselessly too HARD to get what everyone was getting at ease.

 The Infertility Symptoms

That Was Stopping Her From Getting Pregnant...

While i was documenting all the health issues she was revealing to me and the previous treatments she have taken over these 10 years i found that Juliet has battling with symptoms such as...

Irregular Cycles, Lack of ovulation, Poor egg quality issues, Menstrual Issues, Reduced sex drive, Hormonal imbalance, Blood clots during menstruation etc.

After she has finished describing all these symptoms she has been noticing in her body, the day she consulted me, i properly documented everything in my notepad, and then i created a Special Natural Treatment Plan that is perfectly suited her condition.

And we scheduled to meet weekly and have fertility coaching sessions online, where i shared fertility-boosting lessons and egg quality enhancing therapy that helped supercharged her fertility and prepared her body for conception.

Long story cut short... 6 weeks later, Mrs. Juliet called me to complained to me of having malaria symptoms and i invited her over to the clinic to run some lab tests which she did and handed over to me, and guess what i found... unknown to Juliet, her malarial symptoms was actually signs reading... POSITIVE PREGNANCY on the lab result!



"The Egg Quality Booster Kit"

(3-in-1 Kit)


What Users Of The

Egg Quality Booster Kit

Are Saying...

At Last, A Baby To Call My Own, Wow" - JULIET

I had struggled with Infertility for the past 11 years.

I met Dr. Gilbert late last year and he treated for a few months.

I was confirmed pregnant a few days ago. I lack the words to express my joy. At last, a baby to call my own, wow!

This Is A Must Buy, It Works! - ANGELA

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 7 months after a very frustrating 7 months.

I found your website online through facebook and thought it would not hurt to try.

I took for the treatment only a month and I just found out that i am already pregnant!

And this is very inexpensive compared to other treatments i have used, and I recommend it to everyone.

"Good Luck Everyone" - KELECHI

I really only took it on an off and was not consistent for about a month, and when I saw my period I was really hurt but leading into the second month of taking it.

An trying to do better with remembering I got my BFP so good luck to anyone who wants to try it I believe it did it for me.

And even if I didn't get pregnant it made my period go by like a breeze.

"I Was Skeptical At First"  - PRECIOUS

I was skeptical about buying this fertility product and I'm so happy that I eventually did.

I could tell it was working within days of taking it.

Prior to taking this treatment my was cervical mucus was almost non-existent however, within 3 days of taking this supplement i saw a huge difference in the quantity of cervical mucus.

I've been trying to conceive for more than 3 years now and I went through IVF treatment.

Unfortunately, the outcome was not good, the doctor said my embryos could not grow past day 3.

My RE at the time said it could have been due to poor egg and or sperm quality. I began taking a host of different supplements in the hopes that my egg quality would improve but I don't believe it did.

I started taking The Egg Quality Booster in May 2017 and I had my very first IUI on 6/10/17 and I'm happy to say that I'm pregnant! I believe this supplement had a part in my IUI success.

Wishing everyone good luck!   

"Thank You Doctor!" - SOLA

Doctor, My husband and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

After 2 years of Trying to Conceive, my husband had heard of your treatment program through a friend and we decided to give it try.

First dose was June 20, 2017.

Now August 9th my husband and I have finally found out that we are 6 weeks pregnant. Thank you and just wanted to highly it recommend for anyone.

The Egg Quality Booster Kit for women trying to conceive is a very unique; effective, all-natural and Proven treatment that I have been using to help other women like you supercharge their fertility and enhance their egg quality.

It specially contains 3 highly effective natural fertility products that are Doctor-approved and NAFDAC certified health products for overcoming infertility issues in women with poor egg quality.


What The Egg Quality Booter Kit Will Do For You:

- It eliminates fertility-harming toxins that is weakening your eggs

- It restores hormonal imbalance in your body and balance it properly

- It regulates and regularize your period so you can ovulate regularly

- It nourishes your eggs for easy and fast conception

- It protects your eggs from damage due to harmful chemicals and free radicals

- It's 100% natural, safe and has no side-effects and so much more

- It promotes fertility health and reproductive system

- It supports fertility health and increase your chances to conceive

- It's stocked with prenatal vitamins your baby need to grow after you've conceived

- It's a combination of selected best-selling female fertility products

- It's Obs & Gyne-recommended; doctor-approved and NAFDAC certified


How Do I Get The Egg Quality Booster?

To get the Egg Quality Booster Kit (3 MONTHS SUPPLY) and benefit from my 3 Months Free Fertility Coaching Program that i have support, which has helped more to get pregnant naturally...

All you have to do is make a cash deposit of N160,500 (Discounted Price) with FREE shipping nationwide.

Please this offer is Valid for this period only before it returns to the Original Price of N190,000

So you can make your Order Today by following the ordering details below...

Payment Option:

The Egg Quality Booster Kit

(3 Months Supply)

The Egg Quality Booster

Normal cost = N190,000

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Ordering Instructions

To order the now, make a Cash Payment of N160, 500 for the full kit and get FREE shipping or pay in instalments at N55,000

Bank Account Details:

Bank name: GTBank

Account name: Gilbert Uche Nnaji

Account number: 0046473838

Note: After payment please text/email your details as below to

1. Your full names
2. Email address
3. Amount paid
4. Phone number
5. Date paid

6. Bank paid into and the title of what you are paying for

Once your order is confirmed, we will package your kit for delivery to home or office within 2 - 4 workings day.

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3 Months Free Fertility Coaching!

 In This Free fertility Coaching Program, you will get my Fertility Boosting meal plan, diets, smoothies recipes, Drinks and Foods to avoid and so much more!

This will help double your chances of  conceiving naturally (worth N150,00!)

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Through my dedicated treatment support and i am confident you will get results and share your own testimonial too, as i will be available to support and coach you, as you make this life-changing transformation!

Action Now while this opportunity is in front of you.



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