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Are you aware? The leading cause of infertility today in African-American women of childbearing age is uterine fibroids.

The problem with fibroids is that it's difficult to detect during the early stages, meaning that you don't get to observe its visible changes already happening inside your body if you have the fibroids, until it has fully manifested or started giving you some discomforts or lack of conception.

Fibroids is such a big monster... It keeps growing and advancing solely depending on your estrogen hormones for survival.

On the hand, if you are overly exposed to reproductive toxins known as xenohormones which has almost the same chemical structure of the normal female estrogen, then your fibroids growth could even quadruple!

And so, in order to completely eliminate fibroids growths permanently, exposure to xenohormones via consumption of non-organically raised poultries, processed drinks/food all have to be eliminated completely.

The Signs & Symptoms to Look out for if you suspect Fibroids:

  • Painful intercourse

  • Irregular menstruation

  • Excessive menstruation (also known as menorrhagia)

  • Frequent urge to urinate or defecate due to pressure effects of the fibroids on the bladder and rectum

  • Irregular menstrual bleeding

  • Heavy bleeding during menses

  • Menstrual cramps

  • Infertility


How Can I Get Rid Of My Fibroids?

This will depend on the actual size of your fibroids. If the fibroids have become so huge then you should consider a combination treatment approach for effective treatment, and also work with a medical professional and fertility specialist - very important if you are looking for the fruit of the womb.

However, if its still in the early stages then you have no business going under the knife because it can be cured naturally, once and for all!



The TTC Fibroids Shrinker Kit

The Fibroids Shrinker Kit is a propriety natural remedy Kit for shrinking fibroids naturally without surgery.

Here is the exact contents of this The TTC Fibroids Shrinker Kit:

1. Anti-Fibroid Packs:

  • Flushes out xeno-hormones and excess estrogen that feeds your fibroids

  • Detoxifies your body and eliminates toxins

  • Normalizes your estrogen level so it does wreak havoc and cause hormonal imbalances

  • Enriches your body with antioxidants and plant-based micronutrients that support your uterine health

2. Castor Oil Massage Therapy + Full Step-by-Step Video Tutorials:

  • Helps to shrinks the fibroids completely

  • Increase blood circulation around your pelvic organ

  • Helps to remove already accumulate toxins in your pelvic organs

  • Helps to boost your immune system through proper lymphatic drainage

  • Helps to tonify your womb and minimize physiologic stress

3. Herbal Tampon Shrinking Packs:

  • Excellent for supporting shrinkage of fibroids and other tumours

  • Supports uterine health and fallopian tubes

  • Cleanses your pelvic organ and eliminates micro organisms

  • Clears and detoxifies dead cells and toxins in birth canal


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How Much is The TTC Fibroids Shrinker Kit?


Payment Pattern for:

The TTC Fibroids Shrinker Kit

Exclusively Discounted at N179,500 For 3 Month Kits Supply Nationwide.

Installment Payments is Available Also

Ordering Instructions

Make Cash Deposit Into the Bank Account Below:

Bank name: GTBank

Account name: Gilbert Uche Nnaji

Account number: 0046473838

Note: After payment, please send the following payment details to

1. Your full names
2. Email address
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Once your payment is confirmed, you Fibroids Shrinker Kit will be dispatched for delivery and you will get the shipping details (UPS) by email.

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